Nightlife in Ketchum

If you are looking to have a quick drink after a long day of meetings, being on the trails, skiing on the mountain; or if you just want to party like a local, hang with friends, experience good food and dancing then you are in the right place. From dive bars to high-end watering holes, all your best options are within blocks of the Limelight. No matter where you go, you’ll meet some friendly locals. And as far as we know, none of them have sprouted horns.

Local's Choice

Casino Bar

Best place to go for a late night beer, this dive bar is packed with history and an always-interesting mix of people.


Whiskey Jacques’

If you’re looking for the best live music and dancing well into the night, Whiskey Jacques’ has your number.


We love a good old fashioned Ketchum cowboy bar, but sometimes we are in the mood for something different. In which case, head to Enoteca, which takes its cues from Italian wine and apertivo culture.