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Snowmass Village has always been Aspen's chilled-out cousin. While visitors and locals hit the bars and clubs year-round in town, those in the Village are happy to cozy up by a first place and enjoy the peace and quiet. But don't confuse "chill" with "sleepy." Snowmass Village still has several marquee events to anchor the year's calendar, and with the addition of the new Limelight Hotel Snowmass, things are going to be turned up a notch.

Below you'll find our schedule of events. We wanted to preserve some of Snowmass Village's chill vibe, yet still offer the same kind of compelling specialty dinners and regular live music that have become a fixture of the social scene at the Limelight Hotels in Aspen and Ketchum. (Yes, we like to have our cake and eat it, too).

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