Ketchum is an unmistakably laid back kind of town. Where the dress code is come-as-you-are. The pace is better-late-than-never. And the people are wholly authentic. It’s a town with a proud past, but a firm belief that the present is the only place it wants to be. Spend a little time getting friendly with downtown and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Local's Choice

The Wood River

Flowing through town and the heart of Sun Valley is this iconic river. The same one that inspired Ernest Hemingway (and appeared in many of his short stories) today captivates anglers from around the world.


There’s a lot to say about Grumpy’s, yet "Sorry We Are Open" on the front says it all. It’s probably best if you just go, order a gigantic beer and burger and try not to be offended.


Sawtooth Botanical Garden

This slice of peace and tranquility — in an already tranquil town — is beloved by residents. Spin the prayer wheel in the Garden of Infinite Compassion, explore the riparian habitat along the river, or learn all about insects at the annual Bug Zoo in late April and early May.


The View from Limelight Hotel Ketchum

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