Live Music in Aspen

Local bands love playing the Lounge. It makes our booking agent’s job very easy. And it makes your post-skiing, post-mountain biking, post-anything job pretty easy, too. Throughout the year, we regularly bring in live local acts to entertain in the Lounge. Meet us for après and let the musicians take it from there. Our upcoming schedule includes:

Thursday, April 4 | Elements Jazz
Friday, April 5 | N
ick Lenio
Sunday, April 7 |
Shaefer Welch
Thursday, April 11 |
Ron Houston
Friday, April 12 |
Nick Lenio
Saturday, April 13 |
Sunday, April 14 |
Thursday, April 19 |
Mark Nussmeier
Friday, April 20 |
Elements Jazz
Saturday, April 21 |
Shaefer Welch
Friday, April 26 |
Nick Lenio
Saturday, April 27 |