Explore Denver

They call Denver “The Mile High City” because much of it resides at 5,280 feet above sea level. But in recent years, this thriving and growing city has seen its standards for art, culture, dining, entertainment and overall quality of life elevated to a mile high as well.

You chose well when you decided to visit Denver, and we’re happy to host you in the heart of the action. Below is our guide to exclusive hotel activities, as well as why we love Denver and how to get to our hotel (spoiler alert: it’s remarkably easy).

The City of Denver

No matter what brought you to town, you’ll soon find out that Denver offers charming neighborhoods, compelling arts-and-culture, exceptional restaurants and enough outdoor adventure to fill your days. Get the inside scoop with our guide to the city.


Getting Here

Whether by car or by rail, arriving at Limelight Denver is easy as can be.