Limelight Denver Community Fund

At Limelight Hotels, we aim to connect meaningfully to the communities in which we operate. The Limelight Denver Community Fund helps employees learn about local programs, including for homelessness, environmental stewardship, and Latino leadership. Then, the all-employee board distributes grants to nonprofits tackling those issues. We believe a healthy community makes for happy employees and guests. So we are choosing to focus our philanthropy locally.

More valuable than the grants is our model of philanthropy: we engage employees in the community and in causes, empower them to act as philanthropists, and deepen our connection to our community. Employees can get involved by donating and joining the board during their tenure.

All contributions are tax deductible. The Limelight Denver matches every employee dollar two-to-one or contributes a minimum or $20,000 annually—whichever is higher. And this number will grow as the hotel’s revenues grow. There is also an optional $1 per night donation to the Fund from every night stay.

Limelight Denver lobby

What Can I Do As a Guest to Support This Cause?

At check-in, you will be given the opportunity to opt-out of a $1-per-night donation that goes directly to the Limelight Denver Community Fund.

As an Employee, What Can I Do?

You can join the Limelight Denver Community Fund today by donating to the fund or joining the board. Donate to the fund by completing this form and submitting it to the human resources office. The board selects new board members each spring. As a board member you make decisions about how to best spend the donations from your fellow employees, our guests, and the hotel. Current board members are happy to answer questions.

Why Contribute?

  • 100% of your donation is spent in the Denver Metro Area, not on overhead.
  • Your contribution is more than tripled by the Limelight Hotel Denver and our guests.
  • Employees decide where your money goes: the Fund is governed solely by hotel staff.
Volunteers doing trail work in the Colorado mountains

The Environment Foundation

The Environment Foundation of Aspen One — the parent company of Limelight Hotels — is the model on which this fund is based. Over 24 years, the employee-funded, employer-matched Environment Foundation has donated more than $4 million to over 650 local projects protecting the environment.

In addition to the employee fund, the Limelight Denver will consider in-kind donation requests from nonprofits in the Denver Metro Area. The hotel does not have the ability to consider capital requests. Please send requests to Marlaina Murphy.

Donate Today

Are you an employee, guest, or engaged community member looking to support the fund? Make a one-time donation through our partner organization, the Denver Foundation. Make sure the “Fund” listed is the Limelight Denver Community Fund. We thank you for donating!