Iconic Hike in Style with Limelight Aspen: Aspen to Crested Butte, Return via Helicopter

In partnership with Nomad Inc., Limelight Aspen is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity beyond what the average hiker experiences. The Aspen-Crested Butte hike is extremely popular, scenic and strenuous at the same time. Join us for a unique combination of grit and adventure with upscale luxury by booking Limelight Aspen as your home base for the experience. The journey will start and end with a comfortable stay at Limelight Aspen, accompanied by prep and recovery via The Little Nell spa. You will be outfitted with the best hiking gear from the top independent outfitter in Aspen, receive private transportation from Limelight Aspen to the trailhead, and a private helicopter return following the 11-mile hike at the end of the day. The helicopter journey will include an audio tour of the mountain ranges by the pilot and champagne to cheers the accomplished hike, before returning to an in-room recovery dinner. Guests are lent a GoPro HERO camera to capture the epic journey.

To learn more and book your experience, call (877) 724-2063.

Experience is subject to availability and prices start at $15,000 for two people